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Saturday   12am-12:50am   12am-12:50am  
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Sunday   12am-12:50am   12am-12:50am  
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Christen Bell
On time, correct order and tasty! That's victory for me.
Aggie Ansell
Pizzas are sooooo delicious. Great range. The website was so easy too use. Quick too. Brilliant. I won't use anyone else.
Elizabeth Jenkins
Great service! So quick!
Appreciated the late night delivery on Australia Day! The pizza was warm & delicious, thumbs up
Putzu Aldo
Always in perfect time, delivery guys nice and all the times that they finished their icecreams, they took with them all the others to let me choose one to swap it, amazing service
Caroline Hill
Easy to order online. I like that you can remove ingredients you don't like. Text estimated delivery and it was delivered spot on time.
Virginia Anderson
New Pizza express converts here -- we ordered an Aussie/Capricosa and Mexican. Was delivered promptly and the email/text alerts were great. The mexican was a bit spicier than what we had expected, but still great. We'll be back!
Tim Rowe
pizzas brilliant Plenty of stuff on top unlike some that put a smear of stuff on top of wafer base
Tim Rowe
well covered pizza i.e. not just a smear of flavour paste over a tissue base. Good depth to both base, fillings and flavour. VERY quick, waiting for me when I walked in. Ordering was well organized even for someone like me Good job all around
Steve Hill
Easy to order online, can customise pizzas, order arrived sooner than estimated.
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